Prehistoric flashback

Paradigm changing news everyone: I decided on switching to english, since I am such a sophisticated fellow. Actually, I have had one or two complaints about not being considerate of my millions of english speaking readers, so… Anyways, as you might have noticed, I went on a little field trip to Tasmania last week. What I didn’t know: just one hour flight away from Melbourne is this most amazing place, Backpackers sometimes don’t even consider visiting. Except for its currency, prices and accent, it has almost nothing to do with Australia though, I reckon (see what I did there? I even took on the Aussie slang. reckon means think): people-wise, Tasmania feels like Canada (everyone is ridiculously friendly), nature-wise, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen so far. This might be due to the giant, prehistoric looking Eucalyptus-woods, you find about everywhere you go. I like to think a Velociraptor would jump out of the bushes every second. In fact, you are more likely to come across dreadful Wallabees though. These cute but very poor suicidal creatures try to play chicken with cars and find themselves hit by them at any other occasion. The other day, I was hitchhiking from a small place called Bicheno back to Hobart (what turned out to be quite an journey, since there is absolutely no hitchhiking-culture here. Surprising, considering people here are most friendly) and counted about 34 roadkills on my about 23 Km hike along the Tassie Outback.

Because it’s more or less off-season and winter here, you really feel like there are just a few tourists every once in a while and you might even state, that the whole tourism industry is rather unspoiled in general. This makes the travel experience incredibly charming and I really hope this will stay like this for a while – before everyone else discovers the sensational wildlife, beautiful hikes or the scenic routes along the coastline.

You know what, because this is my first entry in a long time, I have used all of my adjectives, I am tired, and my pictures are actually pretty good in transporting what I’d like to phrase about this place anyway, I will just leave you with this gallery here. Have fun!

Also: as usual, I have roughly tracked my trip on here.



DSC06022 DSC06026 DSC06053 DSC06179 DSC06186 DSC06205 DSC06215 DSC06224 DSC06244 DSC06258 DSC06281 DSC06297 DSC06301 DSC06310 DSC06340 DSC06347 DSC06355 DSC06363 DSC06365 DSC06379 DSC06392 DSC06397 DSC06405 DSC06408 DSC06433 DSC06455 DSC06476 DSC06481 DSC06485 DSC06488 DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO



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