Rise of the night

Oh how I’ve missed you. Obscurity, darkness, shadow of the earth. It’s strange not to be put into place by the lack of sunlight, losing track of time when sitting outside. If it wasn’t for the constant fatigue, that the job as dive instructor would place on my body, I would have regularly stayed outside till 3AM, enjoying the long days up here in the north. Remember when you wished for longer days, so you could do more? Come to the Arctic Circle in the summer. You will find your loophole here.


But now the summer has ceased and normality is slowly returning to these parts of the face of the earth. I was longing for it, in particular for one reason: I am ideally located to spot northern lights! And the solar winds have been blowing in my sails: already end of August, the first week, green beams appeared on the sky – only shortly after were they dwarfed by strong yellow, turquoise green and purple lights, playing and shivering through the air like winds. Thank god for the Aurora App, who has been a reliable partner and alerting me with notifications, so I didn’t have to wait in the cold every night. Yes, it has become seriously cold. For a summer.
In any case, I can still see the picture of the Aurora Borealis when I close my eyes. Nothing I have ever seen compares to the beauty of it. Paired with the phenomenal landscape of the peaceful Lofoten Islands, this is truly a little sneak peak into paradise. This night was special in other regards too: I could make out half a dozen Satellites, orbiting around us in unbelievable speed. I wonder what the northern lights must look like from all the way up there. Surprisingly, most Norwegians I have met here haven’t actually never seen the Auroras. The distances in this country are not to be underestimated and only few pass the Arctic Circle. Also: only few live pass the Arctic Circle…



Why is it, that the most beautiful places always have to be a pain in the ass to get to? Now that my work assignment has ended and I am finally free to roam around Norway, my path has led me to the breathtaking little island of Varoy. Its dramatic coastline, colours, shape and sparsely populated aesthetics is just unbeatable, and would I have a better camera than just my Smartphone, lord have mercy on your souls: Your eyes would explode!

Now you’re asking yourself: what is this guy doing on such a trip without a proper DSLR Camera? You’re asking the right question. I am carrying a lot of weight though and I was trying to get here as light as I possibly could. One day, when I am old and rich, I am gonna come back here and shoot the shit out of this place! I could finally test my tent now a couple of times, and I am absolutely in love. Not that I am getting payed for this or anything: but the Salewa Capsule really did a great job in strong rains and heavy winds. Now, I will shut up and you can quietly admire the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge pictures. I wish I would bother to monetize my blog. Anyway:




Oh before I forget, one last thing: my itinerary changed a bit, but I will pass Bergen, Stavanger and finally Oslo soon. Via Stockholm on my way to Germany, where I will be the 28. of September. In time for the “Oktoberfest”!


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