Indonesian Goosebumps

Dear lord, I have been widely neglecting my blog for the last couple of months. I even forgot to post my last Recap Video, featuring my last year’s four months in Indonesia. So far, it might be my best work yet – at least I get most goosebumps out of it, even after watching it for the 494th time. Hopefully this feeling transports.

repeatedlyreminded Indonesia from vanphyl on Vimeo.

Since I have been living and working in the Dominican Republic (as a Dive Instructor), I haven’t been traveling around, really. And this website was meant to be a travelblog, so I hope you can bear with me for such time, until I am on my way to new foreign adventures. April is marking the next milestone, with Costa Rica and Nicaragua as my itineraries! I couldn’t be more excited, as the famous Cocos Islands are or should be on top every diver’s bucket list, with 150+ Hammerhead sharks cruising around at times, Dolphins and heaps of other big fish. After the clean, easy and straight life in a Resort, with couples and senior guests, I can’t tell you how I miss the rough backpacker environment. The hikes, the campfires, the guitars, the surfing and so much more… Stay tuned folks.


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